CouchDB monitoring & analytics

Observe your Apache CouchDB™ servers

  • 24/7 analysis and diagnostics of your database infrastructure
  • Real-time notifications for any issues via Email and Slack
  • Actionable advice to improve performance and security
  • Built-in professional support from Neighbourhoodie for help with complicated issues
  • Legacy support for CouchDB 1.x installations
  • Future-proof for all new CouchDB versions
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Setup and Configuration

Whether you’re just starting out or doing regular maintenance, Opservatory will let you know when you’ve made a misstep, and will show you how to immediately get back on track.

Opservatory’s analysis covers setup & configuration issues and recommendations that ensure highest levels of security and performance for your CouchDB installations.

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Database & Document Best Practices

Opservatory will find any issues with your databases, indexes and documents that could cause long-term problems, letting you know how to solve things before it's too late.

Based on over a decade of experience developing and operating CouchDB, Opservatory can give you actionable advice on how to improve your CouchDB installations.

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View Performance Tips & Tricks

Data querying is the core of any database, and making it more efficient is any Database Admin’s bread and butter. Let Opservatory help your CouchDB Admin with bespoke analysis and reports for all your database instances.

If you’re just starting out with CouchDB, you will learn best-practices while using Opservatory.

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Other Features

  • Multiple installations: Cover your development, QA, staging and production systems independently
  • Custom muting & alert system: Lets you focus on the issues that matter most to you
  • Weekly reports per email or to your Slack instance: The executive summary for the developer on the go
  • IBM/Cloudant support: First-class support for IBM's hosted CouchDB service
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  • Opservatory keeps your databases safe & secure
  • No private data ever leaves your servers
  • All traffic is TLS encrypted
  • Even non-critical data is encrypted at rest
  • 100% GDPR compliant — our infrastructure is located in Germany
  • Open Source agent and plain text reporting, so you can trust and verify


  • Even more checks, we’re constantly adding more
  • API access and metrics export for you favourite graphing tools
  • More interactive guides for fixing difficult issues
  • Even more tooling that helps you administer your CouchDB instance
  • Integrate design-doc checks with your development workflow
  • Assistance with capacity planning



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